Friday, January 7, 2011

On Pins and Needles…

We are expecting snow… I drop my son at school early morning as he had work with his student council. I don’t mind the cold weather actually I do enjoy it very much. With that stating I have two more weeks before school. I am kind of excited going back because of the interesting classes that I have chosen. In my collection of crafting books I have bought this year I was very much interested in making a book for a needles. Usually I keep needles in my pin cushion. I don’t know about you I do sometimes miss them and get frustrated. So I was anxious to make these books. I made a couple and gave them as gifts during holidays for my friends who are into crafting.

It was easy to make it cut a piece of felt fabric as for the book covers and I used flannel as for pagers. Depending the amount of needles you use you can add or subtract the pagers. I also thought for your convenience you can embroidery the numbers on the pagers so this way you know exactly where your needles according to their sizes. I know sometimes I can be very anal when it comes to order. I see this in my daughter too hope she will keep up not a phase that she is going to pass. I will post the pictures of my version of the book as soon as I get to it in my to-do list. My goal is to get myself organized this new l more over my crafting. Now I understand why I need a craft room. I can see my kids spending time there as much as I do…

This was a great gift. Some like them very much… I like them because it help me to get organized my needles… it is a simple gift with a huge function.

Tell me what you think about this… or may be how you store your needles…

Quote of the day “keep basic supplies on hand”


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