Monday, January 10, 2011

Order in the Kitchen…

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We decided to get a kitchen for my little one as she has expressed her interest very early on kitchen utensils and up keep. I have no idea where she is getting this from ha… ha… I am not into Barbie or Princess that’s not in my DNA. I vaguely do remember playing with some clay pots in Sri Lanka when I was a little girl and I have no idea what happen to that interest as I grew up. But the best memory I do remember was and cherished to this day was playing alongside with my mom and grandmother while they prepare meals. Even though to some extent I enjoy making meals to my family. I would like to have more time doing other things that I have found interesting right now.

I was simply elated to watch my daughter take such care with her kitchen utensils and making imaginary meals… I have been a great shopper at IKEA for her toys. I love the quality and the simplicity of their toys more than anything their concept of going green and no plastic.

Especially tea set I bought for her on her 1st B’day was a good investment. Even though she has learned some tough lessons they are breakable and can cut her skin. Which I have experienced with her but she learned quickly to hold on to glass with both hands have come a handy with playing kitchen.

I have seen so many things you can add on to this collection… I want to make few things for her imaginative play… hopefully I will be able to finish them before school start.

During assembling kitchen she was busy making tea for her dad and me I thought it was very sweet. We are planning to make more meals and have fun in her kitchen…

I have notice I enjoy play time a lot with her and observing is much more fun…
What do you play with your child and how do you make it functional play with your kids…

Quote of the day “teach your kids how to use appliances correctly”


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