Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing baby blocks to my ETSY shop…

I was playing with this idea of making blocks for my daughter when she was a baby. I never had the opportunity to make them for her which I regret a lot now. I bought the fabric and the fiber filling while ago. And it was sitting inside the closet. I finally washed the fabric, ironed and cut the fringes. I wish I got some bold colors at that time but I didn’t. I started to work with what I had. Mainly because I wanted a baby shower gift and then my friends were saying you should add this to your shop with much hesitant I did.

I cut 4 inch squares and sewed them and formed it to be a square and filled it with the fiber filling. I was thrilled to see my daughter playing with these blocks. And I have a gift for a friend who is expecting very soon. (finally shower gift is done)

I loved the fact I choose some fabric with dimensions for a new baby to discover and stimulate energies and senses. Yes, they are available for you to purchase through my online store for your convenient…

When I was working as an Infant toddler teacher in a Montessori I had the opportunity to work with kids to use soft blocks. Of course they were not made out of fabric. They were made out with some fake leathery fabric for easy washing to keep up with cleanliness and to sanitize them easily due to multiple kids using them in the classroom. Of course they were about 10 -12 blocks and solid colors. I remember toddlers having a blast with them. They would build them with such concentration and will kick or punch it and watch them fall. They would try to play with the fallen blocks on the floor and rebuild it again and again with such joy. I have had great joy watching them and it’s amazing to see my little one has the same enthusiasm to play with these blocks.

Quote of the day “Take advantage of found time”


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