Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Window Box & Potted Plants…

Now the summer is at it's peak my window box and the other potted plants are doing great. Tomatoes are coming up and the green chilies are doing great on the other hand the strawberries are in halt. I don’t know what I did it’s not blooming or producing any strawberries overall the plant looks pretty healthy to me.

Thymes, Basil, & Rosemary is just thriving I have had rosemary chicken twice this month and it is loaded with flavor yummy. Grilled, with bread, and cheese or simply with drizzled olive oil… It waters my mouth when I think of this wonderful dish.

My Petunia’s are blooming non stop, I am not very thrilled with the color but it adds so much movement to our tiny balcony and color. We have had many birds visiting us without the bird feeder just the humming bird feeder. I didn’t site many humming birds this summer as I would like to.

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Quote of the day “use less plastic”


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