Saturday, June 26, 2010

Water Front…

We have been enjoying the late evening kayaking a lot by the reservoir. As my little one cannot get in the water we enjoy the view of the fish. They are just wonderful to watch. There is a one big school of fishes that comes to the basin of the lake close the shore line. When we burry our feet in the water they come looking for food in the muddy water.

We have been enjoying this lately a lot. Little one loves to walk in the water by the shore line and enjoys the sand underneath her little feet. When I pick stones for her she throws them back towards the water to watch the water splash. There is a lot of water algae wash towards the shore. I notice them in water too. Little one, tries to avoid them when walking in the water but it is hilarious to watch.

So far I have kayaked twice to the Swan Island. We have brought some swan feathers with us. I have to capture some pictures of the swans’ one of these days… there is a lot of vegetation around the lake. I guess that explains the reason for fish population in the reservoir. That's about our water front...

Quote of the day “give a child his/her first fishing pole”


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