Monday, June 28, 2010

Egg Plant Patch…

I was super excited to blog on these two hats. I initially wanted to make a smile box (flyer) but I quickly changed my mind to blog on it. I think I finally nail this pattern. I have memorized all kinds of hat patterns. I am totally addicted to hat knitting and enjoy every bit of it.

I was very excited to take my kids to the playground, camera, and my new eggplant hat collection. I love to incorporate seasons into my photo shoots. I wish I can improve more my photo taking abilities. I am trying my best. (this is one of my long term goals)

I was a little hesitant to knit the Italian egg plant (white hat) but I wanted to give it try and came out supper cute. Purple egg plant hat was really cute. I loved it very... very… much. I have tons of designs knitting in my head when it comes for patterns and hats(problem is time). Once I am done with one I keep running back to my needles to knit more hats.

It’s awfully hot outside… today. But we still got some outside time boy... we need that. I didn’t do my daily 4 mile walk today too hot, back on track tomorrow with another photo shoot… and my 4 mile walk.

That’s all for today… thanks for stopping by and taking a peak in my little blog.

Quote of the day “heal a wound”


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