Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It is too early to knit a pumpkin hat but a friend of mines, friend had a baby I want to knit that baby’s first pumpkin hat for this coming FALL. Yep and now is the time because you never know how busy I am going to be this FALL. I love this hat but I wanted to do some modifications and you will see them soon because I am excited see them too.

Fall is a beautiful season to celebrate I love and live for FALL the colors, damp air brings and reminds me of the cold and harsh winter and the wonders of nature. I would really like to go for a nature walk this fall. We will see about that… by that statement written on my blog. I might have to post some pictures too this FALL.
I also wanted to blog few things about this hat. I loved the stem and the leaf it adds that cuteness to the little noggin at the same time it makes a wonderful photo prop. I really wish I knew how to knit before the arrival of my little one but then on the flip side I would end up more 10,000 of pictures in my laptop… no wonder everyone complains the computer is very slow…

If I were to give this as a gift this FALL I might have to create a cute card to go with it too just expanding my creativity… another reason to get LOST in my stamping and card making world…

Quote of the day “as a parent set limits”


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