Sunday, June 13, 2010

Novelty Yarn…

I bought this couple of years ago and had in my stash to make jewelry which I didn’t get my hands to. Finally I decided to incorporate this yarn to make this funny hat. I am planning to add to my box of hats for the newborn. Other reason was I knitted two hats using pink yarn; so box contained so much pink. Even though this hat does contain hint of pink… what’s cool about this hat is how this novelty yarn plays a key role and adds character this beautiful hat.

I previously did another version of this hat and gave it away as a gift and never had a chance to blog on it. I hope the person who got it liked it. I would love to see a baby wearing this hat for a photo shoot. I think it will be wonderful to wear this on a Fall Day… so the hat will do its job to blend into environment colors.

I personally like all shades of brown I am planning to incorporate some earthy tones for my hat collection soon… it’s just getting time to knit and design; is sometimes could be a daunting task in our household with mouths to feed and still checking homework… can’t wait to get the summer break for my older one. We can relax, sleep in, and enjoy the long summer day at the beach…

Quote of the day “love the rainy days too”


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