Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday was my knitting group. I bought a crochet hook to pick up drop stitches from my knitting. Literally, that the reason I bought one. Later I found hook was too big to pick up stitches so I started on my own following a book to do the chain… yes I was able to do it. And that’s was the end of it but those who reads my blog posts knows I like to keep m hands busy. Now that I have accomplished several projects by myself I wanted to learn how to CROCHET yes, that exactly what I wanted to learn so I met the girls and express my needs.

First of all I was happy to see Kathy another experienced knitter. She has had helped me to do the yarn over on my little one’s dress. Which I needed to practice more… My knitting group leader (Cynthia) and Kathy were both very happy and eager to show me how to hold the crochet hook and start my second attempt to do chain stitch. I got the hang of it I wanted to practice it more then they ask me to move on to the next step and which I did joining chain it was FUN.

I had a blast came home next day morning I was able to take the whole thing apart and do it again. I hope I am doing the right think I cannot wait to show it to Cynthia and Kathy.

More than anything I cannot wait to make little flowers to attach to little hats I am making this could me so much fun. I have already eyed a book from Amazon.Com about this subject. Guess still like to learn from books. I have to admit by joining the knitting group have allowed me to learn new things. This is the very beginning of my crochet it does looks very easy to learn comparing to knitting no cast on measurement of yarn because you go forward with yarn. Let’s see where I am going with this new crochet thing.

Quote of the day "listen to old people"


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