Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surprises in my Garden..

I have been working really hard in my yard from late spring last year. Weeding, Pruning, Mowing, Mulching, and everything in between. I can see the pay off the rose garden and ever greens are so happy to feel the spring.

Last Fall I planted so many bulbs I am eager to seem this year. However, there is one kind of a bulb which I did not plant and they were tulips. I did a great job weeding las year and I know how to recognize tulip bulbs and plants. 

This year as I was waiting patiently my daffodils to come out and entertain me. Guess what surprise me. 

I have a patch of tulips just next to my kitchen window. I know I did not plant these beauties. I cannot wait to find what color they are. I am totally in love with these. I don not know who plant these. Who ever did it I am so thankful and grateful for that person.  I will be posting more about my garden happenings.
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The reason I like this post is I am so excited to see my garden is growing  and Bring things that I did not expect. I guess that happens when you move to a new home. 
I have found therapy and love in my garden with my family. 

Quote of the day “inspire each other”


  1. I love the surprises as bulbs come up. I never remember what is where until I see it, so it's so fun to wait and wonder.

  2. I'm kinda jealous - I wish I had a garden! Disadvantages of living in an apartment :)

    Thanks for linking up to Blog Bash!

  3. I have tulips coming up outside my dining room window and I'm sooo excited about it. Tulips are my favourite and my husband ripped them all out three years ago, put landscape cloth and lava rock down, because he wanted no maintenance... Turns out the tulips keep coming up every year and I'm just loving it!

  4. Beautiful garden. I am always envious of those who seem to have a knack for gardening. It is my dream to one day have a beautiful vegetable garden and gorgeous flower beds. A girl can dream...

  5. What gorgeous pictures! I love, love Tulips!! You are one lucky lady! Thanks for stopping by my page! :)

  6. I love spring and I love things popping up out of the ground, and your photos are beautiful. Thank you for linking up with us and helping us to celebrate Blog Bash! (-: