Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miso Soup...

I love miso soup. It is a very simple soup that you can make in few minutes and sometimes with what you have. I love to make this entirely vegan. however in some occasions I make this with what ever the fish I have at home.

I have also learned to make this soup with seaweed which is yummy and loaded with many nutrients. When ever I go to Boston I shop at few chinese stores and gather ingredients because they are very in expensive compare to your local grocery international food isle. 
I usually add what ever mushrooms I have at home. After my recent visit to Boston we had oyster mushrooms. 

Silken tofu is so good and and soft just melts inside the mouth. I usually cut them into cubes but if you like firm tofu go for it. 

I like to add a little bit of  chinese chili paste to my miso soup to give little kick. 
This recipe calls for 
Miso paste
Mushroom (oyster)
Baby Bock choy

How you make it 
I love to have this warm. This is a fairly easy recipe I have enjoy making. I usually measure 5 -6 cups of water and let it boil and then add my miso paste and using the whisk I whisk it into the water lower the heat and all the other ingredients let it simmer and serve warm. 
Quote of the day “once a week, eat a liquefied diet”

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  1. I have never been good at cooking with tofu... this looks so good though!