Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IKEA inspired food at home...

Well, whenever we visit the IKEA store we sit town to enjoy a bit of Sweden. We love their food and members get a free cup of coffee. I love that. Usually I enjoy a cinnamon bun with my coffee. Recently I tried their potato, broccoli little cakes. 

loved the combination of broccoli, cheese, onions, potato, and eggs. It was almost green in color. 

I came home that day and was determined to make this treat mostly my son loved it. He is not a very cheese person. 

 had  some potatoes


Cheddar Cheese

This is what I was able to make... Yummy... we really liked it and made it twice already. 
Do you get inspired to make food... I do all the time. 
Quote of the day “ offer comfort”

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