Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Submarine Force Museum...

This is a really cool place take your teenager to learn about submarine force. Niegel had a great time exploring the submarine. We had a chance to board the USS. Nautilus submarine, which was the first submarine to use the nuclear technology. I really enjoyed it with my son and learned a lot. 

This is one of the few early attempts of exploring the art of traveling underwater...

Some of the weapons that the submarine carried during wars...

Here is link http://www.ussnautilus.org/aboutus.shtml you can learn many facts about the ship. This was a bit of a ride was us since we traveled  from our home it sits on the border of MA and Connecticut. The museum it self is located in the Thames River in Gorton, Connecticut. It does house many submarine artifacts. I also found out that it is the only submarine museum operated by the US Navy.
I also learned many tactics that the submarine force can use in a combat ant how it operates. The very first fleet of stairs were installed to  USS Nautilus submarine, before they used ladders. 
Quote of the day “ visit national monuments” 

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