Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organizing Teen Magazines...

Niegel has been collecting Boy’s Life for a while and he practically had one organizer. I bought this for him a long time ago and it was black in color. See all these were fitting into this one magazine holder.

I have been slowly working in his room to add shelving, painting, and organizing as well. I bought him two magazine organizer but they were white and it was not working with the one he had,

I spray pain the black to off white. Now they all work together all his magazines are organized. This year we gave the subscription to TIMES and he loves it.

We organized them yearly, monthly and the types in different cases. They all look like this now. He loves how it turned out. Best thing was he can take them out easily for mid-afternoon quiet time during weekends. 

More reading, organizing, staying on top of the world news, and enjoying the ability to find magazines at his finger tips...

Quote of the day “invest your money”

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