Monday, August 22, 2011

Topponcino Covers with Designer Fabric…

Yes. I recently did a designer fabric topponcino from Merimekko fabric line and it was a lot of fun. I had so much fun creating this topponcino for a client in Japan. I know Crate and Barrel does a wonderful job in creating beautiful pieces with this lovely print which I have come to love recently.

Here are some of the custom made topponcino covers that I made. I wish I had an opportunity to work with all the three prints I meant to say sizes of the print. I would love to see how this is going to work in a fabric ball.

I also found out that this fabric so expensive in Japan comparing to states. Matter of fact I had few more customers request me to make more designer fabric topponcinos…. I personally think it is a great way add some character to your new ones nursery.

Quote of the day “go the extra mile”



  1. I do quite love that pattern!

  2. Int-ere-sting! I had to look up what a topponcino is but it looks very useful and practical! I'll have to try something like that when I have another baby!