Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Storm watch…

We had a lot of winds during the storm we were in the border of Taunton, MA which received wind 58 miles. We were glad that hurricane Irene mellow down to tropical storm. My older one had not watch a tropical storm before so there were so many questions about weather and we were glued to the TV. What do you when you are out of electricity well a lot of game boards and trying to sleep through the storm is not a good idea?

One good thing we did before the storm was cutting down one of the older maple tree was a blessing. If we were to have that in our property we had to incur a lot of damages.
We still have few more maples to cut down. There were more than 61,000 cases of tree damages in the state of Rhode Island. We were there on Sunday they were getting ready for the hurricane Irene. We enjoy going to the gooseberry beach in RI.

There were few branches on our yard we end up chopping and bagging to haul to the recycle center. Everyone was hauling branches and I had to stay in line to park the car unload my bags finally with two trips yard is somewhat cleaned. We just started to grow grass. We are eager to see how the seeds are holding up after Irene.

Quote of the day “learn to deal with discomfort”


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