Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camping in Seneca, NY…

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Yes, with all the craziness going around we decided to go camping. This was well thought out and planned with friends. We booked the site without calculating how far the campsite was… Yes, but it’s all worth the effort… we decided to camp at the Sampson State Park in NY, I wanted to get away from over scheduling myself. Niegel was looking forward to camp since that is his expertise. Actually he has become an expert in camping.

I am pretty sure down the lane he kept his interest same way he could hold an incredible surviving camping show on discovery channel. Our heartfelt thanks’ goes to the Boys Scout of America for changing him for who he is.
Niegel and dad decided to cross the lake and finally understood that it was a task that needed more commitment and change their mind after crossing 2/3 rds of the lake. The temperate was so high I bet it felt good to be at the water.

Little Nicolette on the other hand had a blast with our friends little ones… At last someone at her age that runs… and can look right into her eyes makes a huge difference. We celebrated a wonderful B’day party at the camp. Little Nicolette decided to asks for “Happy Cake” every single day after camp. So we bought a cake from the local grocery store and had some candles “Just for her”

Seneca County in NY had a lot to offer… I wish I took the camera to capture some fun moments of wine tasting… Little Nicolette enjoyed organic cold grape juice which was insanely sweet. We took a long walk by the waterfall –gauge walk, immerse our feet in the cold water to cool the heat, and enjoyed the evening with more wine, bread, cheese, and much more… Kids had a great time running around… Unfortunately I had to do some chapter reading for school everyone else enjoyed the gorgeous weather… We enjoyed Sri Lankan food, tea, and milk toffee from our friends…

Beautiful Seneca County is nestled between Seneca and Cayuga lakes; the very center is called the Finger Lakes region. This beautiful county house lakes, beautiful landscape, to wine and in between.

Quote of the Day “see with your inner eye ,hear with your inner ear”



  1. Like a fairy tale chichi. Is this you???????/
    I can't believe this.

  2. Hello Ramani Akka,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and adding your comments, greatly appriciate it... This is my life and what I do with my family... This helps me to sta fcus and meet great friends...
    Yes, it is chichi... What is the part you can't believe. Wish you all the very best... what ever you do...