Thursday, August 4, 2011

Topponcino with Many Layers

I had the opportunity to make some custom orders very recently. I was asked to make the topponcino into a certain weight. I made the topponcino to 300g and it worked It was challenging to get the all the layers together. Fun thing is I did it and now I have add that as a new item for those who are looking for extra layers.

Why do you need extra layers if you are in colder climates this is ideal, If you want to give that extra cushion this is great, and if you want your newborn to be cuddly this is GREAT!

You might want to know waht goes in here same all natural un- bleached cotton batting. Only difference is this topponcino has many layers. Cover material is the same un-bleach muslin.

If you are looking for a Montessori Gift, this is a perfect baby shower gift...

Quote of the day “teach intelligent decision making”



  1. Ahhhh! I'm going to be a Grandma - and this would be so awesome to have at the house!!! I wish I could make stuff like that. I'm going to try a quilt soon. I struggle with the bobbin:(

  2. Congrats you are becoming a Grandma!!! I would love to see your quilt once it is done, because I love quilting. Well about the topponcino you know where to get one...