Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Topponcino covers made with prints…

I meant to blog on this for a while however with the work load an everything else this project got buried. However I did not want to forget about this wonderful addition that I made to my online store. Those who are into Montessori and new to Montessori way of life would love to have a little bit of color in their nurseries. After few requests I decided to introduce printed topponcino colors.

I do love and adore the original white topponcino cover which is always in high demand but I also like to see some new prints once in a while to see beautiful designs and new colors…

This is a new addition already some of you come to love. I am working on adding more covers during these coming weeks… So if you are looking to add a little bit of color please do visit often to see what’s new in the store…

Quote of the day “let change feel good”


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  1. Hey!
    I enjoyed reading this post. I really like your quote of the day. Sometimes change is hard to accept but really its inevitable so we should just "let change feel good". I hope you have a great day!