Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feeding duck, enjoying water, and blowing bubbles…

 I took little Nicolette to the pond the other day… we had a great time… I know I am in school but I didn’t want to waist away the beautiful morning and before it gets yucky. It is a quiet a nice walk from our house to the pond but totally worth it because Nicolette loves it.

She holds my hand most of the time through the walk but once in a while she loves to be alone and run along the side walk. I do let her run along the side walk as soon as we get to the safer side of the road. But the funny thing is she will run but not very far she will stop and wait for me or will run back to me which I enjoy very much because she always have a hug for me.

We had so much fun at the pond feeding the ducks… but the ducks are very friendly towards us I guess so use to people feeding them. I had some left over hotdog buns that we are not going to use so the duck were happy to gulp it down. I saw the mother duck with the baby duck they were adorable. After feeding the ducks we took a walk towards the pond with the water feature. It was so beautiful with the sunlight touching the ground through the tall tree branches. So here are some pictures of our trip to pond…

What do you do with your children… to enjoy the bounty of natural beauty during summer… I would love to hear…

Quote of the day “spend a lot of times with your kids”


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