Monday, August 1, 2011

Aththamma Visits… from Sri Lanka…


We were very excited to have Aththamma from Sri Lanka to celebrate Niegel’s Birthday… and to enjoy a little bit of Sri Lanka food, dry fish, and most importantly Sri Lankan tea.

Being away from Sri Lanka for a long time and not having my own family living in Sri Lanka it is really hard to have some Sri Lanka goodies. Also this was a great opportunity for to practice my religion which is to let go some of holdings… may be in other word likings… enjoy what I have… I have been practicing this concept lately a lot… I guess sometime we all need reminders on that subject.

However Aththamma got us some tea we enjoy every day… The other day in my class presentation one of the girls gave a presentation about an artist’s/photographer who worked in East Asia capturing the beauty of nature few decades back and she was trying to pronounce Ceylon… with the help of the professor she finally did and I was just happy to hear that my professor knew so much about Sri Lanka… specially the beaches… you cannot find anywhere else… I do miss it may be that could be a reason I want to make my home close to the Cape…

I did share my precious tea with my new neighbors… they all appreciated it very much…

Quote of the day “it is not our preferences that cause problems, but our attachments to them”


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