Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introducing the Bell and the Ribbon to my ETSY Shop…

 Yes, I finally did it. I always wanted to make these wonderful materials to stimulate infants. I am introducing the bell on the ribbon to my shop. This is one of the first toys that the child can experience that her/his action can make a difference in their environment as young as 3 months. I think that is amazing. For some of you who are not familiar with Montessori materials might wonder how this work or how you should introduce it to a baby.

For babies this wonderful toy gives plenty of opportunities to be independent from the adult and explore the environment around them at a very young age. When you create a movement area for your baby in the baby’s room you need to attach a stable hook either to the wall or ceiling.
I have made a loop out of elastic to give some stability and it allows the baby to pull the toy towards the mouth for mouthing. The bell is 1.1 inch in diameter and fits perfectly on a little child’s hand for grasping later on. Due to this there is no sharp edger’s and it has a beautiful sound.

You will notice your baby will continue to bat the bell with joy. Keep in mind to hang this so the child can reach first they will discover it with the unintentional movements then they will continue to hit it with precise movement, and then develop to reaching, grasping and mouthing.
This definitely aids the child towards visual stimulation, acoustics, tactile and even as a baby, they feel empowered as they discovers that their actions make a difference and can cause an impact on their surroundings as young as 3 months.
I have made a cloth bag to store it after use.

As you can see I was very excited to introduce this item to my etsy shop.

Quote of the day “buy your children educational toys”


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  1. I love that!!! That would be wonderful to have when we have another baby someday!