Monday, December 20, 2010

Town's Library Display, Features My Hats…

 I am sure some of my friends and family can remember I used to rattle off about the knitting group that was formed at the local library. It was formed last year somewhere in May I think. It’s been a while now since then it has grown a lot. We all enjoy knitting and chatting and we enjoy newcomers and learn from each other. Most of all we love talking about local news.

I knitted a dress for my daughter with the help of our leader. She has out grown it but I treasured it. However since my schooling things have change. I drop in for some meetings but still keep up with the group.

Anyway this month the librarian asks us to display our knitting goodies and we did. I had so much fun creating the display. I was able display some of my hats and little things that I have knitted during this past year. It included almost everything that I have done so far.
Cynthia the leader of the group was able to showcase some of her items too. I love all her stuff and she is also a great on crocheting. I did not have anything to display on that aspect but had fun helping to finish the display.

We love our local library very much my kids use it a lot and so do I… do you get involved in your local organizations… and I am very happy to see my son following this path he has been a great volunteer at the library and enjoys it very much.

Quote of the day “carry something to read with you”


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