Friday, December 17, 2010

My two new additions…

I don’t know about you but I love creating for my kids as well as for friends. This was a new nook that I discovered deep inside me after deciding to stay at home with my youngest. I always have craved to create things for myself, around the house, garden, or cooking. So this was an oasis for me the time I had in my hand. However I always get this feeling this is going to run out one day and I need to catch up the time that I have lost or going to lose. I know for some of you this might sound very crazy but this how I exactly feel.

I decided to use up my 40% off Borders coupons on two craft books Last –Minute patchwork + quilted gifts and more Last -minute knitted gifts by Joelle Hoverson.

Unique features in Joelle Hoverson’s books are her focus on the color wheel. She does a great job on this matter of fact I have use this concept in making the scrap yarn hats. It’s amazing how you look at colors and group them after observing this concept. I wish I took some pictures of my groping of scrap yarn. I am planning to work on most of her projects through the coming year.

Other reason I love her books are all the projects in the books are truly last minute gifts does not require much time. That’s exactly what I am looking in future to work on because the little time I have on my time I need to exercise to the maximum capacity. I have actually cut some steps to speed up my projects.

But I do enjoy the process than the final product. I can’t believe this very Montessori. However the fun part is with adults involving in the project you can enjoy the process as well as the final product. My theory is if you take time to enjoy the process ultimately your end product is going to be surprise you.
Last reason I love her books are she is very good in incorporating some vintage pieces to her project collections like the puzzle ball I always wanted to learn how to make because it is very Montessori and has incorporated many materials to stimulate the young child’s senses.

I am happy with these this year no more crafting books for me other than the text books very funny.
What did you add to your collection it could be anything I would love to know…

Quote of the Day “look up instead of down”

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