Monday, December 27, 2010

Candy House, Excitement, and Laughter fill the home…

 In my knitting group I meet new friends… and we learn and help each other in various ways. I want to write a little bit about this amazing person I met through Knitting Group. She is a mother, friend, and sister I never had. She herself is a great mother to her kids and her kid’s friends. She has this tradition in her house during holidays she would gather all her kids’ friends and her kids and make and decorate these beautiful candy houses. I saw the albums she had created for her kids with pictures. I simply cried in my heart for being a wonderful mom for her kids. Creating something like that that has occurred in her house year after year until her kids went to college.

Additionally she told me that she had all the expenses involved in this project under her tab. I know it adds up at the end. As we as blog communities create for our kids we know how much planning we put forth and energy.

Most important aspect I gather from this was all these kids had so much fun at her house and for sure everybody was working in a project not doing anything silly as we all know that we have been teenagers and passed that age. I thought it was an amazing to have a parent like that in my kids life.

After taking care of her kids, having a home based chocolate business; she is back in her chocolate making business in full swing.

I had the opportunity to help her making these beautiful candy houses and in return I learned how to make them. During this holiday I decided to make the candy houses with my kids and my friend was generous to lend me the molds.

I was skeptical working on this with my kids because my older one can tell the history of the candy while my little can only think about getting the candy into her mouth. Well with these two ambitions kids I decide to make the candy house. It was a GREAT experience. They had a blast. My son amazed me with his creativity adding touches to the candy house I was thrilled to help my little one to assembled the path with directions from my older one but she had a difficult time laying them on the stand because they ended up in her mouth. They were so excited and had so much candy for dinner I was afraid when my little one started to cough…

We decided to display it for couple of days on our buffet. I am anxious to see who is going to take the honors to take the first bite… will this be a tradition in our house I don’t know yet, but one thing is sure my son is looking forward to make the house again… will see…

Quote of the day “take a little time to think about what are you doing and why are you doing it”


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  1. These are BEA-U-TIFUL!!! Did you see the houses that me and my Mom made this year? We always break our houses at midnight on Christmas eve. Anyway, it is so nice that you got to meet such a great, creative friend!