Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Berets for a little girl on a budget…

Cost for all these berets I want to say under $6.00. However the fun I had creating these were priceless. I have seen and brought little berets for my little one for even $5.00 it was insane but I have done that. Finally I decided to make some for her girl friend and for her she had a ton of fun wearing these little berets.

Well, here is what you need for this project sprig of silk flowers your choice and color. a piece of felt, plain berets, and hot glue gun. Now starts the fun part of assembling your little beret. ..

I used almost everything on the silk flower sprig including leaves. Cut out two small circles out of felt fabric. Fold one circle in half and snip in the middle and fold it other way and snip again now you will have a small “x” place a little drop of hot glue and insert the silk flower. Now take the other circle and place a drop of hot glue and place it between the open berets. Press the two felt circles together. Leave the beret open for a while until it stick together and close the beret to see it closes.You may want to keep it open for a minute or two. you are officially done with your project.

Adorn it on your little ones head sit back with the camera and snap some pictures…

Quote of the day “read things that requires effort, thought, and concentration”



  1. I love it! Beautiful. And about that quote... oh, its too much work! jk, its usually worth it, right?

  2. I know, I have often thought about it... as a lot of work but it is worth in the long run... Thanks so much for visiting my blog it makes a huge difference...