Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is in the Air…


We had Christmas music… and I worked on a wreath… Yes I made my own wreath instead of buying it. It was so cold couple of nights ago. I volunteered to work at my son’s BSA Christmas tree lot. I wore extra clothes but was cold to m bone but it was mice to be out there helping folks choosing their trees. IT’s fun to watch how people choose their trees. Some like to walk around the whole lot to find the tree that looks perfect others falls in LOVE with the first tree they see.

However way they choose it, at last it helps pays the summer camp fees for 1 week for boys that is a great deal. So I didn’t mind selling the trees in the wicked cold because it was a good cause. It was busy that night but people were buying trees. Some come to this lot for many years. Last weekend was the biggest weekend for the tree lot sale.

When we sell the trees we cut offer a fresh cut from the bottom because it stimulate the tree to drink more water. Also some customers like to trim the branches from the bottom. So we had a lot of branches and we offered it to people for more decorations.  I came home with some and I had some florist wire and the kitchen shears we were busy making our welcome wreath in no time we were done with our project with Christmas music in the air and silly jokes. (Perfect project to catch up with your tweens about school and general issues, my son couldn’t help him to pour his entire week’s action into words)

He did a great job trimming the evergreen into small branches… this was my first project it came out so cool but I did use the hot glue gun to attach the fruits. We kept our theme as the “GOLDEN BOUNTY”

Quote of the day “plant evergreens”


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