Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See and Sew…

I wanted to sew a bag for shopping… this was in my - to do list but never had a chance to actually do it. Finally with the help my dear friend I was able to follow the pattern and sew a bag. I do take that back because I can’t say I exactly followed the patter because I did my version of the bag with two pockets instead of 1 pocket. That was the major and the only change I made to the pattern. I need help with attaching bias binding may be I need to consult my friend to be a pro in my next bag.

I have to say I do love the Waverley Fabric… it is so cute… not the right word, I would say pretty… and very country looking. I saw a cushion made out of this fabric in an antique store and I went nuts because it was really beautiful… got the information and when I was browsing the upholstery fabric section at the craft store this caught my eye and waited till it went on sale for 50% I guess rest is history…

Now that I have my cloth bag, I really don’t where I should take the bag… grocery, library, or farmers market?
What are you creating?

I am taking one at time off from the list… and the list keeping getting long I have no clue how that is happening.

Quote of the day “finish everyday and be done with it”


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