Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inspirations could be anything…

I got inspired to make cards… due couple of reasons one was I was running out of note cards, I had a list of people I needed to pass thank you notes, and another reason was when I was at the fabric store I picked up some swatches I wanted to use them in a productive way rather adding to trash.
When I was browsing through the EYSY shop I looked at some fabric card ideas and was amazed to find some cool ideas. I am still in the process of designing and creating the cards… but here are some I was able to put together in a jiffy. I am always looking to improve this area. My son was able to help me in this project too.
My list of people I wanted to thank at school was long… I was able to make scarves… but I guess I need some more I don’t think I have the time to make that much.
I love creating cards with fabric, it was amazing to see even very tiny pieces could be put into use in fabric card making… I cannot wait to take my ART classes at campus… I saw some students were participating in an exhibition at campus and had some cool ideas.
Quote of the day “say nice things to people”

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