Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chocolate Chip cookies with m & m…

I was able to act silly when my little one ask to buy candy from the checkout register and pretend and use to tell her we do not eat them. She was buying that for a while… then I use to be supper polite and taught her thank you… she loves the word for a while I would practice that… when she would ask me to buy candy with her half verbal and vocal sounds. I would ask super nice to put it back on the shelf (from where it come from). She would do that and I would emphasize my thank you lesson… and she would walk away some days I wanted to buy her the candy… because she was a GREAT and EXCELENT listener.

They learn and adapt new behavior through observation this is a known fact. My older son started to buy candy and share them with her from his pocket money.
So I was practically doomed… she wants the candy… so I did brought home the m&a's and I made some cookies for both of them they were so good but I did not want to eat them…

I guess that was the best snack she woke to after a long battle of weaning her afternoon nap episode. She was happy to munch them down…

Quote of the day “fight hunger”


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