Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Basket weave in knitting…

This is a really easy pattern to work with and the finished product looks great. My son wanted a scarf and I gave it a try with one skein I had it was enough and it was 100% wool. Good thing is it’s from the clearance rack and that makes a big difference.

I loved how it finishes up and the pattern is relatively simple to memorize and work. I read in a recent home journal that picking up the knitting needles is a stress buster during holidays. Just the fact of repeated stitches breaks the trains of everyday worries; Knitting reduces the stress hormones and releases endorphins and makes you happy.
Fun part is you can make gifts to everyone during holiday season and could be inexpensive…

Do you do activities to reduce your stress does it helps you be a calmer and better person to handle some tough situations…
Quote of the day “do something to improve your health everyday”


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