Friday, May 27, 2011

Cucumber Salad –Sri Lankan style…

I love cucumber it is very refreshing especially during summer not that I don’t consume in winter. It is staple vegetable for me. I add them in my regular salad, cook, and make a salad to go with rice and curry. As some of you might know Sri Lankan food is spicy and we do eat rice and curry. Sri Lankan food is heavily influenced by India. However there are simple dishes that attract the eye and the taste buds.
I always work the best I can to offer a wide array of food to my children. They are good on trying new food but will stick to it if they are spicy guess like mom.
This is a very simple salad you can make and add as a side dish if you are serving rice.
I cucumber
1 red onion/shallots (2-3)
Green Chilies (I prefer the spicy but you can choose what you want I usually add short small green chilies you can buy from the specialty produce section add few if you are not consuming chilies)
½ of a lime juice
Salt to taste
½ tsp Cracked black pepper
½ tsp Cracked mustard seeds (you can buy this from a Indian grocery store or whole foods remember we are influenced b Indian food)

Wash, peel, thinly slice cucumber and place them in a bowl
Slice onions, green chilies with seeds to the cucumber bowl
Add cracked pepper, mustard, lime, salt and mix with your hands throughly to cote everything.

Serve immediately with warm rice and chicken curry.

Quote of the day “make something for someone else”



  1. I love Indian food! I regularly go to an Indian restaurant to eat my favorite dishes. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I'll try it one time.

  2. Yum! I just made a cucumber salad for tonight! Mine is uses vinegar and a sugar syrup along with red onions and dill. It is a yummy savory sweet combo. But this, well, I must give this a try!!! The flavors intrigue me.

  3. Thank you for the comments and I hope you all will like it I love dill and red onion sounds yoummy...