Monday, May 16, 2011

New Art in my life from my 3 D Art Class…

I took this class with hesitation because I am not good at sculpture. But I had a great time because I was blessed to have a wonderful professor. I love her work personally. She has done some great pieces and had them displayed in the greater Boston Area and was interviewed by museums and was written articles about her pieces in few art journals.

Having the opportunity work with a great artist helped me to look deep into my talents and art. I crated this mold from a computer program named Maya and cast on many pieces from grout as well as a material called ultracal.

I made this piece for our home. My hubby helped me with the backdrop. I found this wooden plank from an old warehouse which has been closed and about demolished and took it to Home Dept to cut into pieces. Talk about tools at Home Depot they have this cool wood cutter that cuts a very clean cut by guided laser beam. I loved it very much now I can understand what the industrial revolution has done to mankind. I was in ah mood then was thinking what’s happening to the job market. I guess you have to give and take what is best…

So here is the piece I crated this is 3D piece, which I adore very much from every aspect. What I like most on this piece is the naturally stressed wood back ground. I can’t wait to find the ideal place to hang this.

Quote of the day “use every moment skillfully”


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