Friday, June 10, 2011

We Have Move our Nest towards the East side of the Town…



Past few months have been extremely stressful for us. Thanks for Century One realtor group things were at an ease towards closing. Yes, it was my idea to go to Business with a bigger bank for competitive interest rates and consolidating everything to one bank not the brightest idea and matter of fact the worse idea ever. I know the economy is in such a bad state. What happened to the banking system is a big question. We were lead towards the last moment and dropped like a pancake without any further options. I would never ever encourage anyone to borrow money from a bigger bank for a mortgage loan.

However at the end we were blessed to work with some wonderful people. They were able to work with us every step of the way paying attention, and accommodating all our needs to every point. I don’t think you will ever get this kind of treatment from a bigger lender anymore. I at one point felt like we have done a crime by asking a mortgage loan from the bank. They kept us in the dark and at the last moment rejected for the condition of the house.

We are buying our second home primarily for residing. Since we moved we have been paying a large rent for a two bedroom, 2 full baths, and a loft. We can’t sell our first house due to the market conditions. In other words we are downsizing. We moved towards the downtown for many reasons we do love Mansfield, My sons has few more years in school, Love the pre- school, library, and of course downtown. The house needed some care as well as we needed a house. The moment I saw the house I knew it was the right one. The house has gone through some rough time all it needed was TLC… which we plan to give.

So here are some sneak previews of the house you will see them as we work through the projects of our beautiful old new house. This house was built in 1900’s and I love the fact it has so much colonial influence and a touch of Victorian style.

So far we have spotted a bunny family and little Nicolette and Niegel were so happy to chase them… My son and Thatha (dad) can’t wait mauve the lawn so do I…

Quote of the day “give plant food when they need it”



  1. Wowwwww. Housing trouble. Such a headache. But this house! It's beautiful!!! I LOVE the Victorian style! Absolutely gorgeous! Good for you and good luck getting it all set up!

    -I love the bunny at the top of your page ;)

  2. Hi CK,
    Thank you… Thank you… I LOVE the house very much it is a totally a different experience; reminds me of a vacation I spent in Sri Lanka as I was growing up. The house has a very cottage look and a feel.

  3. You went to Sri Lanka? It is a beautiful house. I am still so sorry the bank dropped you like that...