Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving, and Packing…

This has been one of the key elements in our lives for the past few years. We have been moving from state to state. We still call VA as our home base may be due to the fact that we still owned a house. I always try to see the brighter side of moving process rather than a critique. This has allowed us to learn more about different cultures, food, etiquettes, what is native and not and many more that I can write a book.

However this moving has shaped our lives in different ways. This is my daughter’s third move and she is only two and half years. If you ask me how she is handling this I would say she is doing great it’s me having this difficult time trying to fix everything to my schedule.
My goal was today to pack at least three boxes with few other things.

My day started like this with a list

Drop Niegel at school
Do the blog post
Pictures shoot
List items in the shop ETSY
Make breakfast frittata
Cook lunch and dinner
Pick Niegel after school
Take Niegel for Swimming
Drop at Knitting Club
Get kids to bed by 8:30 (including my -pre teen)
Get food ready for (Charity – CMN) I don’t complain for this I am happy to take part in this and thankful to have an opportunity in this event.

Not too bad for stay at home mom. Life changers in many ways with un- imaginable bumps bottom line is how I face and handle it. My motto how to handle my list is with a smile, a lot of praying, and asking strength and knowledge to face it with a smile I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Quote of the day " complete a project"


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