Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Positive Approach towards Chaos…

Summer approaching around the corner my classes starts this week and with all the other things I am getting ready to take on another semester. Moving, packing, and everything in between have shape and sharpen our lives greatly.

Boxes everywhere in the apartment I can’t wait till WED to movers to come in to haul our belonging to the storage. My goal is to have clean apartment till the final day arrive for us to move out from our apartment. Some of the pictures are from the overlook from the balcony which I have enjoyed very much during our stay in the west side of the Mansfield.
We will be camping out in the living room in our sleeping bags. Nicolette will be the only person to sleep on the bed while rest of us will be sleeping in bags.

I will not be officially gardening this summer. We have so much going on I decided to let it go. However I will be responsible some yard work you will be able to see. I may have herbs for cooking and that’s it. I used a lot of basil, flat parsley, sage, chives, and coriander. But this summer we will have something very simple.

I did restock my etsy shop during my small break that was a huge accomplishment.

You will get to see what I will be working on soon…

Quote of the day “in every moment you have a choice”



  1. nice view from the balcony :-) Hopping over from SITS, So happy I found you. Hugs