Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fiddlehead/Ostrich Fern

Finally I was able to buy the fiddlehead before the season ends and learn more facts about his great food. This was one of my goals that I had set aside during winter. I found out in some parts in US 1 lbs of fiddlehead could be as pricy as $19.00. Since I live close to the fiddlehead cultivation area I paid only $ 9.99 lbs. Fiddlehead is native to Maine and New Hampshire. People resides in north eastern region pays a fairly decent price for this delicacy.

I got mine from Whole Foods there was one stand with fiddlehead. They were kept on ice all of them were in great condition. I bought one pound and washed them thoroughly before cooking. I also found out most of the time the fiddlehead grows by the river banks and the experts recommended washing it through before cooking. I let a pot of water for boiling and add the fiddleheads, brought it back to boiling, add fiddlehead, and brought the water back to boiling while timing it for 10 minutes.
Drain and soak them in an ice cube water bath to stop the process of cooking and to keep the vibrant green.

Then it was ready to add to my dish. We had spaghetti, clam, mixed with fiddlehead. Everyone liked it and enjoyed it very much. The presence of fiddlehead was very subtle. Littleneck clams were $ 4.99 lbs. this was a great combination if you want to try something new and seasonal.

Quote of the day “savor the sensual experience of eating”


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