Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The project ended…

Yes, the beautiful paper whites which adorn our home has finished it non stoping blooming. When they wither and fade we know it is time to dismantle this lovely project. However, this year I had so much help in taking this apart. Oldest was very helpful to take them to the compost, and of course we chooses a warm day to complete this task. 

When I was scrubbing the glass hurricane my daughter comes over to watch and I asked her if she would like to help me to scrum the stones  so we can let them dry and put them away. She was happy to be around and definitely to play with the rocks.

These wonderful rocks bring back so many memories, because we have collected them from our trips to beaches and and other fun places. Surprisingly I have few from when my oldest collected them when he was wee little. Yes, and the best part is I could remember them. There is something with rocks that gravitate the smoothness, the color, the locations we collect, the experience that is entangled with bring so much.

To my wonderment while scrubbing each one Nicolette was so happy to categorize them according to the size and color, this kid is so much into organizing and I love watching her.

When everything was scrubbed and cleaned I had to snap few pictures so I can remember this moment. 

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