Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cranberry and Pear Jam...

Cranberry is truly native to Massachusetts and I was over excited that I was able to make this unique fruit to pickles and delicious jams this year. I have made two kinds jams this year one has pear in it other is a spiced jam and so good with a piece of toast. My favorite was pickled cranberries. They were truly yummy! I used the left over jelly with sparkling water to add a bit of a festive color to my mundane water. 

From my last visit to costco I decided I am not going to buy any more cranberries. However, my past visit to costco I walked out again with a bag of cranberries I do not know how that happened. Well I told myself again I am not going to buy them again, but this time for sure I know I wont be able to get it because we are done with cranberries at least in New England this year!

I love this simple pear cranberry jam. After few attempts I decided to cook the pear with vanilla for a while and then add the cranberries. It is absolutely divined and the vanilla is very subtle. This is the last of cranberries for us this year.

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