Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kiwi Crates

This year I surprised out little Nicolette with a craft subscription. Matter of fact not only Nicolette but her cousins who resides in state also was gifted with a craft subscription and it was the Kiwi crates. It is a neat gift which is children and parent friendly. Everything you need to do comes in a box including the kid’s own scissors which was very cool. 

Nicolette loved it, actually I gave it to her on her B’day since her B’day and Christmas falls on the same month she gets to have a ton of things. We were very cautions this year picking her gifts since she is getting old and and we wanted to give her something she can enjoy.

The first box, included many activities based around snow. We made these beautiful luminaries and was a cute project to work with her. Less screen time but more project time with everything you need for the project comes in a box. 

This gives Nicolette a conversational topic when she calls her cousins. We had a small craft box for the little one in the cousin’s family and can’t wait to hear all about it. Nicolette is very excited to hear about the project. 

If you wish to order here is the site, 

There is always something to do during her free time which she has come to love!

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