Friday, January 30, 2015

Pillows and Scraps...

I have been collecting fabric scraps for a while from my shop. It has become a major issue for me. Mainly finding places to store them and not having an idea what exactly I want to do with these scraps. 

Recently I stuff them in a bag and placed them on my sewing chair. Then I found out I kind of like the feeling of having fabric filled pillow on my chair. Specially, when I am sewing for an hour without stopping for a break. This is not an idea all new to me I have made one before but someone else uses it now. 

How many pillows I can use at once was another question that I ran into making fabric scrap pillows. Then one of my friends told me that I should try to sell them in my store and specifically classify them as cotton fabric filled, wool filled, and cotton batting filled. I was pondering on this idea for a while. I really did not want to waste the scraps. I sat down one night and made few. I offer couple of pillows to my friend and then she offered them to her friends who are working on desk jobs. Her friends told her that they like them very much and she told me to work on it and try to sell them in my store.

Finally I decided to add them to my store! I love these two pillows specially the print. So we decided to name these pillows back supporting pillows! 

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