Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble gobble gumbo gumbo...

Way back, when we were in VA, I heard about dish name gumbo through a close friend who loved okra. One afternoon, after lunch in the staff room we were ranting off of our lunches and vegetables. Everyone knew about it except me, because I am kind of new to some of the American food.  

One of my favorite vegetable is okra. This is a common vegetable from many vegetables in south east Asia; although, recently I found, it originated from Africa. I have often prepared this at home for my dad and brothers in Sri Lanka. I can make this as a curry, and as a side entry. 

Another staff member mentioned you guys should try “gumbo.” Of course my question was what is gumbo? Well there is a lot of okra in that dish, and that is the only one she could think of that time. One mention you should try it at the Cracker Barrel. That was it! I have come across many recipes about this wonderful dish. I have been to FL many occasions but never had a chance to enjoy it with my family nor prepared it to my family.  

Finally, last April from one my trips to FL amazingly without my family I was able to visit a wonderful spice shop, and had an opportunity to get dome filé powder (apparently dried and ground sassafras leaves). 

There is so much history goes into this amazing dish which have originated from the South mainly from Louisiana. However, the influence it holds from countries such as Spain, France, Germany, West Africa, and Choctaw.  

Finally filé powder in hand and left over turkey, I decided it was gumbo for lunch over rice! I could not think of another way to enjoy the history of gumbo and Thanksgiving together. 

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