Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Cactus…

This year I became an owner of two Christmas cactus plants, and I hope to keep them alive throughout the year. I love the color of the plant which is in bud state. It reminds me of the coral pink or the light orange I use to love as a teenager. I have seen this plant in bloom at my neighbors and they are so beautiful and love it. 

Seemingly,it is easy to take care of this wonderful plant. It needs less water; however, the temperature seems to be in 50-60 F degrees that is going to be tricky in our house. I would love to see the one yet to bloom. I can see the tiny buds. It is amazing to see at the tip of this flat leaf there is a wonderful bloom. It is definitely the structure adds a bit of drama to this beautiful plant. 

I love this instead of poinsettia which could be a challenge to take care and usually been toss in the trash after holidays. 

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