Friday, October 11, 2013

Tomato Story

Late crop of tomato has been sitting in my wire basket for almost two weeks few of these guys have been rotting in the basket, which I hate to see. One reason for this rotting was I needed 5 pounds to make a batch of tomato jam and I was shy of about a pound. My kind neighbor saw me raking our tomato plants and walks in with a concern face. I explained to him my challenge, he kindly said I think I have some ripe tomatoes.

Within few minutes he walks in with few pounds of tomatoes. I promise him a bottle of tomato jam and I was in business for making a small batch of tomato jam. 

I have to admit this jam is a cross between a chutney and a very thick ketchup but tastes great. after canning the last jar I wiped the pot clean with a dinner roll. It smells and tastes great too!


  1. Looks great! Its good to have kind neighbors around...:)

  2. I know... I know... I am happy have really nice neighbors around.

  3. ha... ha... it was a great jam...