Thursday, October 10, 2013


October brings so much to the table, I might say, I had much to do with September. Well, September went really fast busyness of schools, brings in adjusting to schedules but still making attempts to enjoy the last bit of Summer. That is exactly we have been trying to do enjoy the outside as much as we can. I still have a long to do list. I have two  flower beds to attend which includes digging out some beautiful summer annual bulbs. Three raised beds to clean and build one before frost. We will having total of four raised beds next summer. More canning and sprouting into exploring more new varites of vegetables with our kids!

Garden is still producing, during busy evening, when I pull the car over to park by the garden beds, I still see few bees humming by flowers. I bet they want to suck all the honey they want for winter. This reminds me of this coming spring I need to add at least one bug/bee house, this could be a winter project for me. Garden is getting ready to go dormant. My little garden has worked so hard and offered me an abundance of vegetables, my trips to the grocery store has been cut down significantly. 
This summer, our garden took an indirect step to teach me how to can. I have been busy canning my tomatoes and the summer abundance.

October, brings a nice cool breeze with a hint of chill in the air. I might take on few garden jobs this Columbus day weekend. By the way do you know two cities had been named after Christopher Columbus, One is in the state of Ohio, and the other is in the state of Georgia a FUN fact!

I have a long list I like to accomplish this long weekend. Since, I have been, not feeling under the weather. October, throws the allergy season as well with its spectacular leaf show!

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