Thursday, October 24, 2013

Remnant of a Fall Garden

New Englanders were warned of a substantial temperature drop. The change of schedule for planned activities and the buzz for Halloween mix in the air with misery weather is not what teachers wished for this week. 

As I headed home with my little one who was swelled with Halloween excitement, demanding that I should bake cookies with candy for all the teachers at school including myself was bit of overwhelming. 

When I come home from school we do not have much time outside since the day light time is winding off. We also notice the garden is getting ready to be dormant. We do not have much admiring in ouy yard since the leaves are taking over the dying flower beds. 

The little bit of garden still offer us a bit of a calmness before we head inside for supper. Little Nicolette and myself was happy to find solace among rose shrubs. The brocciflowers were in bloom since we have not harvest them. We watch how bees are being a bit lethargic in collecting and moving around flowers. Our time we spent in the yard getting shorter but looking forward towards Fall.