Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apples and Canning...

The canning has become a another part of cooking in my routine. I had few apples left from the apple picking and I bought few pounds from the grocery store since it was on sale. My new found skill in canning have helped to be save the fruits from our garden for the dreadful winter we experience in New England. I decide to make apple sauce, I am not a big fan of apple sauce but our children are. However, I found out different apples may take few minutes extra to cook. 

Mine first batch of apple sauce was a very simple. I wanted to experience the process of making apple sauce. 

The process of cooking and using the food mill to puree, to make the sauce, and then cooking the sauce back was FUN. After a long day at work it was satisfying for me to make the apple sauce and can it,because I know we will be using all of the Summer and Fall  bounty during the winter months. Besides, the apple butter we now have applesauce as well, not much but enough to enjoy as a snack or to mix in with oatmeal!


  1. You all went apple picking too! :)
    Love this apple sauce!

  2. Yes, we did but couple of weeks ago. I did made abpple butter as well...