Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prepping the Raise beds for Fall Stage -1

Past few weekends had been brimmed with activities from indoors to outdoors. One of the major tasks was to clean at least one raise bed before it get all crazy. I remember my oldest mentioned during this process that, this garden has supplied us a great bounty throughout summer. It was nice to hear a positive compliment from a teenager!

There were about few pounds of green tomatoes, I offered few to my neighbor but I still had few more pounds. I know what I can do with these may be some salsa verde. 

As we begin the process to take the ties off from the plants, then the stakes, and finally pull the plants out, and fill the wheelbarrow with dried brittle tomato plants gives a nice reminder that the growing season is officially over! Our hands smelled like tomatoes as we pulled about twelve plants. 

we still have parsley, oregano, and sage. Soon we will be harvesting them for our thanks giving meal. 

There is more to prepping beds but for now I am happy to celebrate turn of another great growing season.  As we build and strengthen our gardening skills every year!


  1. We pulled our tomato plants this weekend too. I went out into the yard last night and the chickens had already gone to work tilling the space for next year.

  2. ha... ha... may be I should have chikens in my backyard too...