Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple Play...

I want to say this concept derive from the statement “less is more” I personally agree with it. I have been taking a totally different route raising my daughter considering the gender difference. 

Well I am staying at home however I do work on my own as well. Taking it to account I plan to get my daughter involve in many activities I do at home. 

However when it come to play I offer very simple natural toys try to stay away from plastic, electronics, and generic gender toys. I believe in wholeness with the changing world and societies. 

I had the opportunity watch her play with her blocks. I was thrilled to watch her imagination at play. Sometimes she consider blocks as buildings, and in some occasions they were cooking ingredients and she is demonstrating a full blown cooking session. 

Then she consider them as a herd of animals crossing a river... I thought all of that was what she has absorbed and was very confident to rein- act. I was  delighted watcher her imagination at play!
Quote of the day “less is more”


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