Monday, May 28, 2012


I have not spend much on my daughters room furniture. I simply use her older brother’s bed and painted it with white (swiss coffee) a beautiful shade of white. This was done last summer. 
This summer I painted his night stand and add a glass knob and slightly distressed it to go with the bed because I use the same technique. 
I finally was able to bring it up stairs. My neighbor offered us some peonies and mock orange blossoms. I arrange them in a milk glass vase I scored last year from a garage sale. It looks wonderful I love it and so is little Nicolette. 

I love how her room is coming together my next project is window treatments. I am looking for something simple that I can make I am thinking of ruffles and shades of white...

I think she can use a light on this night stand but not right now when she starts reading... Hopefully in couple of years...
Quote of the day “ be able to say I made it myself”


  1. I love the white with your pretty hardwood floors! What a beautiful space to grow up in!